7 incredible inventions those with a passion for renewable energy will appreciate

Renewable energy is incredible. It’s good for the environment, it’s good for our conscience, and it’s good for our lungs. As renewable energy fanatics, we love scouring the internet for new and interesting inventions that are made with the advancements of technology. Here is a list of 7 that we found particularly striking:

1. Solar Roadways

Solar Roadways is a project by a team of Canadian entrepreneurs. It is an alternative to traditional asphalt roads and uses electrical energy generated from solar panels instead of gasoline or diesel fuel. The team has been working on the idea for over 10 years and now finally hopes to bring their idea into reality. The idea behind this project is that roads can be made out of solar panels which would generate electricity, allowing them to run on sunlight rather than petrol or diesel fuel which would reduce the environmental impact as well as save energy costs for cities, towns, villages,

2. The “Wind Floor” Giant Wind Turbine Made of Plastic

The main idea behind this project is to make a giant wind turbine out of plastic and recycle it to create a floor. The design is based on the concept that “wind is free” and therefore people should not have to pay for electricity generated from it. This concept challenges the belief that conventional methods of power generation are more efficient than renewable sources like wind power.

3. Electric Airplanes

Electric airplanes are a new technology that promises to make air travel more environmentally friendly and less polluting. They use the power of the wind and solar energy to fly. The electric motors, propellers, and even the wings on these planes also run on electricity. This means these airplanes will not produce any emissions during flight.

With electric airplanes, we will be able to explore our planet more than ever before without causing harm to its ecosystem or damaging our environment in any way.

4. Solar Gardens

Solar Gardens are an all-in-one self-sufficient home. This concept is very much like the treehouse, but it will provide you with much more than just a structure to live in. It will also provide you with everything that you need to survive and thrive. Solar Gardens will be designed so that they can grow their own food, generate their own power, and purify their own water supply for their residents. They will also be able to recycle waste into usable resources for other things, such as fertilizer or fuel.

5. Tesla’s Solar Roof Tiles

Solar panels have been around for decades and were seen as one of the most viable eco-friendly options out there. However, Tesla’s solar roof tiles offer a new approach by blending with existing roofs without completely replacing them.

Tesla’s solar roof tiles offer a solution to the power issue that many people face. It is viewed as a great alternative to traditional roof tiles, as they are designed to collect and store power from the sun.

6. Seawater Greenhouses

A seawater greenhouse is a structure that is set up around an underwater greenhouse to make the most out of the natural sunlight available.

These structures are usually built on the coast or on offshore islands and offer an alternative or supplement to more traditional greenhouses.

As more people are looking for less expensive ways to grow food, seawater greenhouses are becoming more popular as they can be relatively cheaper than other methods.

7. 3D Printed Homes

3D-printed homes actually exist, and are made up of 3D-printed parts that can be customized based on need and taste. This allows the design to be unique and personalized for each homeowner. What’s more, the materials that are 3D are in fact more durable than manufactured materials. 

That’s all for today: 7 great inventions for those of you who appreciate renewable energy, just like us! Got any more you know? We’d love to know about them, so please reach out if you can think of some!