energicy-efficient home

Best tips for finding an energy-efficient home

If you care about the environment, and you want to find a new home, you have come to the right place. Our slogan at Ecne is to “Save mankind by saving energy,” and we believe there’s a lot we all can do personally to help in the global cause of reducing carbon emissions. in this article, we will go into some of the simple things you can to do find an energy-efficient home. 

Ask a few questions

When you consider buying a new home, there are a few questions you should ask the person who is selling it: 

  • “Have you isolated the home lately, or replaced any doors or windows?” 
  • “Is there a heat pump in the house?”
  • “In general, does this house have LED lights or traditional lights?”

In general, you want to ask about the kinds of things that will help reduce the home’s need for electricity. 


Choose the right real estate agent 

The topic of this article is actually not that new to us. For years, we have been receiving questions from readers who want tips on finding an environmentally friendly home. Luckily, we have several researchers who go scour the internet for better ways of saving energy. 

One of the most interesting tips we learned about finding an energy-efficient home was given to us by our Norwegian researcher. She read an article by the Norwegian company Eiendomsmegler For Deg, who specializes in comparing real estate agents. In their article, Hva koster en eiendomsmegler, they say that price isn’t everything when choosing a real estate agent. It’s not all about picking the “best” or the “cheapest” or the “most professional” one.  Rather, choose the one who understands your values and, in our case, how important it is for you to have an energy-efficient home. 

The best deal isn’t necessarily the one that saves you the most money or brings you the newest house, but the one that makes you the happiest with the big choice that you’ve made. 

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Everything doesn’t have to be right from the start

Our last tip is that whereas it’s ideal to find a home that’s as energy-efficient as possible from the start, everything doesn’t have to be right from the beginning. All you need is a place that has potential. 

So you should pick something that already has some or many of the components you’re looking for, but also be willing to make some changes to the home yourself. It’s part of the process!